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HPTH UK member writes childrens' picture book

I am delighted to tell you that Bridget Rae O'Connor, a member of HPTH UK since January 2008 since her thyroid surgery, has written a childrens book, the proceeds of which are to go to HPTH UK and BTF.

Bridget works for Sure Start with children and families in Nottinghamshire where the final draft of her book has been tested and very well recieved. Now she is looking for funding for printing and distribution costs - can anyone help?

The book, called 'Hisham's Envelope' follows a small boy on the first steps of his journey from local GP to hospital where he has is to have his blood taken for diagnosis. Accompanied by his friend, the envelope, Hisham meets new people and learns the routine that will soon become familiar to him as someone with a long term condition.

With notes for parents and carers as well as a list of useful websites, this book will positively reasssure parents and lead to the opportunity for lots of questions and discussion. Illustrated in cheerful colours,'Hisham's Envelope' is a positive approach to helping children to accept the blood test procedure that many must experience and to understand what will happen when they have an appointment. And as we all know, understanding is half the battle!

Thank you Bridget!

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