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BAETS Post Thyroidectomy Hypocalcaemia Guidelines

BAETS Post Thyroidectomy Hypocalcaemia Guidelines

Data from the UK Registry of Endocrine and Thyroid Surgery (www.baets.org.uk/audit) shows that post thyroidectomy hypocalcaemia rates can reach 27%.

BAETS recommends that each endocrine / thyroid surgery unit has documented guidelines for the treatment of post thyroid surgery hypocalcaemia and that this document is available to all team members involved in the care of thyroid surgery patients.

To aid this goal BAETS has produced post thyroidectomy hypocalcaemia guidance. This is indicative, not prescriptive, and it is hoped that members can use this document as a starting point for discussions with local medical endocrinology, biochemistry and pharmacy colleagues to produce local post thyroidectomy hypocalcaemia guidelines for their practice.

It is recognised that the numerical definition of hypocalcaemia may vary slightly depending on local laboratory practices and also that some centres prefer to use ionised calcium values. Furthermore, there will be variations in the exact medications supplied by pharmacy departments across the country. Thus we emphasise that the guidance is delivered as an aid to the production of local guidelines.

BAETS Post op Hypocalcaemia Guidance


From the BAETS website http://www.baets.org.uk/guidelines/

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