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What our members say about Hypopara UK

This web site is brilliant and helped me tremendously when my surgeon accidently removed all my paras instead of just one and I just did not understand what was wrong with me.

It has taken me a year to feel able to cope after my op and this site has helped my understanding of HPTH and without the knowledge gained I feel I would still be floundering.

This site is invaluable, thank you so much for being here i can't tell you how I now feel a whole lot safer knowing i have knowledgeable people to turn to.

Thank you very much for this Liz and for the ongoing and life changing work you and the group do. I only wish I'd asked more questions and done more research before I had my operation!

I found your support incredibly helpful though and got new bloods taken to discover my ‘well controlled’ hypoparathyroidism was anything but! I am now seeing a great Doctor and making changes to my calcium/alfacalcidol and have eradicated the palpitations, chest pain and tetany so am very grateful to you for the wonderful site. My magnesium and ferritin levels were on the floor and I was in a bad way all round.

Your site was the only site I could get the information I needed when I first went through all the trials and tribulations of post thyroidectomy hypocalcaemia, something I wasn’t prepared for and knew nothing about.  The information on there was invaluable, and your brilliant communication helped me so much. Thank you again

Thank you for setting up this group, very supportive, and I will log onto the website and go on the relevant forums. Many thanks again Liz for all you do and your kind words to me. It was like stepping off a desert island when I discovered there are a group of other people like me!

This site is amazing, it has been a massive support to me and helped me read my symptoms much better.

Thank you to Liz who runs this site, I appreciate this lifeline of support whilst I have received little from the endocrinologists at the hospital.

I can't tell you how much information I have gleaned from this site. Now my Endocrinologist actually LISTENS to me....

I feel better after finding this site, because I know I am not alone.

it has been such a great source of information. After being kept in the dark for 9 years (had my thyroid removed in 2001) I'm now ready to go armed to the doctors to get my first appointment with an endocrinologist ! Oh well better late than never !

I have contacted you before and you were amazingly helpful. You gave me invaluable advice which I followed re my calcium tabs and never looked back.

I have had some pretty miserable times since the op, Calcium levels up down up down and back again it's all very confusing and frustrating, i joined this forum and it is a life saver with help, tips and information.

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