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How to donate

Why donate?

Raising funds for a rare condition is not easy so any help, however small, is always welcome. Reasons that people donate are very different - you may choose to donate to mark a celebration or in memory of a loved one, or you want to say thank you because we have helped you, or you simply feel like sharing. Whatever the reason the outcome is the same - you will be helping us to carry on helping others.

Raising funds as a small charity for a rare condition that few people have heard of is hard so we are hugely grateful for any support you can offer us - and you can be sure that a little will go a very long way.


Ways to donate

There are plenty of ways to donate. You can just click the yellow button to pay online, or we even have a mobile app. You could set up monthly payments via your bank - even £2 a month - can soon add up for us. Some members choose this  option as we don't charge membership and all our materials are free.

If you work, you could ask your employer to support us via payroll giving or choose us as your charity of the month.

You could also consider leaving us a legacy in your will.


How to donate

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At no cost to you, Hypopara UK will get a donation for every purchase you make. Simply register at EASYFUNDRAISING. You can even download a pop up one click toolbar to remind you each time you log on to a shop which supports Easyfundraising. A painless way to help every time you shop. 




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