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Privacy Policy

Data processing is collecting, storing, recording and deleting personal data. This Privacy Policy will explain how and why we process your information. We keep only the bare minimum of information about you. Hypopara UK takes the handling of personal data very seriously and treats your information with the utmost respect. 


What details do we collect?

We collect your name and email address primarily. Depending on your activity we may also have your telephone number and postal address. If you have chosen to fill in the questions on registration (not compulsory) then we may also have basic medical details as well, such as the type of condition you have and when you were diagnosed. 


How and why do we collect your details? 

Hypopara UK collects personal data from you in a number of different ways:

  • Contact Details: Our main contact with you is almost entirely online. On registration, we collect your email address in order to send you newsletters, invitations and updates and respond to your requests for information which you send to us by email, phone or via the website. We may have your postal address and telephone number if you are a postal member or have ordered leaflets, or merchandise or used the telephone helpline for queries or support. Written notes from such calls are destroyed or kept securely until the case is closed. 
  • Medical Details: We collect anonymous data for monitoring purposes as no statistics on parathyroid conditions currently exist in the UK. No one knows how many people have hypoparathyroidism in the UK, for example, so our database is an important resource. We ask you basic medical details such as which condition you have (type of hypoparathyroidism or hyperparathyroidism) so that we can direct only the appropriate emails to you. We also ask other basic details which can help us to understand our membership’s needs and encourage researchers to address these issues. Only two administrators have privileged and strictly confidential full access to online data, others function only within their own boards.


How do we store these details? 

All data is held in a secure environment and treated with the utmost respect. Any information is kept on secure, password-protected computers using a fully encrypted server with access limited to executive staff members and webmaster only. We also use a variety of well regulated platforms including Mail Chimp (contact email list), Pay Pal (banking, donations and merchandise), and BTMyDonate (fundraising and donations). Written notes from telephone helpline calls are destroyed or kept securely until the case is closed.


Lawful Basis of Processing

Hypopara UK will only process your information if we have a lawful basis to do so. There are 6 lawful basis of processing as set out in data protection laws and we use the following:


  1. Contract.

When you register online as a member of Hypopara UK you are accepting the terms of membership stated in the registration agreement. This sets out that we will use your email address to send you membership information. If you would rather not receive these emails you may at any time unsubscribe to receiving information from Hypopara UK by sending an email to Liz Glenister via the address on the Contact page.

2. Consent

Any medical information you provide is done so with your consent. Hypopara UK will never pass this information on to anyone else (e.g. a doctor) without your express consent.

Where you provide your personal information via the Website, over the telephone or via email or post you consent to the collection, storage and processing of your personal information by Hypopara UK in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy


How to contact us about your details

If you change your contact details, please send an email with your new details to Mandy Mainland via the address on the Contact page

You have the right to access information that Hypopara UK holds about you. If you wish to see the details we hold or would like us to delete any information from our records, or if you no longer wish to remain a member of Hypopara UK please contact Liz Glenister via the address on the Contact page or telephone 01342 316315. Alternatively, you may write to us at Hypopara UK, 6 The Meads, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 4DF. We will act as quickly as we can to help. 


22nd May 2018
Liz Glenister




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