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Being diagnosed with a rare condition can leave you feeling isolated and not sure where to turn for help. Nobody seems to understand how you feel, your GP may know very little about the condition and it may be difficult for you or your family and friends to find accurate information.

In our forum, you will be able to talk to other patients of all ages, with all types of parathyroid conditions. You will be able to ask all your questions, access a wealth of information from others and read the various topic boards on a range of subjects. We can help you to learn to recognise your symptoms and what they mean, and teach you how to manage your levels so that you feel better. Most of all, you will find friends to share your experiences who know exactly how you feel.


How do I join the forum?

You  need to be a member of Hypopara UK to join the forum. 

If you are already a  member of Hypopara UK, just click the Members Forum button on the right and you will be taken straight there. 

If you are not yet a member of Hypopara UK just click the Members Forum button on the right and you will be able to join Hypopara UK and the forum in one single registration. 

We look forward to meeting you!


Thyroid cancer?

You can also visit our sister forum called Thyroid Cancer Support UK. This was set up by Liz Glenister & Ruth Pink in 2005, at the same time as the HPTH  UK forum, to provide support for people diagnosed specifically with Thyroid Cancer. It was the only online UK forum around at the time and is still going strong,with an experienced team of moderators. This is a yahoo group so you will need to join Yahoo to access it. To visit the group, please click here 

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