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Why  become a member?

Become a member of Hypopara UK and you will help to build a vital network of professionals, patients and others who want to learn more and raise awareness about Hypoparathyroidism.

Please join - the larger our membership the stronger our voice with government agencies, the medical profession, research bodies, funders and other organisations. Already we have made a difference but we still have a way to go.


Read a few of the many endorsements from our members here .    

How can we help you?

Being diagnosed with a rare, lifelong condition can take some adjusting to. You may be fine and simply want reliable information. You may be in shock or denial and need time to take it all in. You may feel isolated and vulnerable and need to talk to others who know how you feel, in a safe place. You may be having a very frightening time and need immediate advice. Your doctor may not have seen another case of Hypoparathyroidism but you are having trouble managing your calcium levels. Your family aren't being very supportive. You just want your life back....

We understand all this, we've been there. We can offer reliable information and ongoing advice and support. We can help you to learn about your condition and how to manage it.  We can keep you up to date with research (which we work closely with medics to bring about), offer you clinical trials and put you in touch with others who know how you feel.

As a valued Hypopara UK member you will have access to :

online forum

telephone helpline

information resources 

advice from our specialists

local groups

newsletters twice a year

postal group (if you're not online)

private facebook group

latest research

clinical trials

How can you help us?

Hypopara UK is run by patients for patients, thanks to your generosity. We want to keep membership free and accessible to all for as long as we can. We work hard to fundraise which is not easy for a small charity of a rare condition so any donation or fundraissing yo can do, however small, will mean a lot. If you can afford £10 a year or £2 a month it really will make a  difference. Please click the yellow button to donate now or click here to find out more.


How do I join?

Click this button to be taken to the forum to register. We only take basic details which are never shared. Registration will give you immediate access to our online forum and private facebook group, if you wish to use them, as well as the member-only pages on the website. 

If you do not want to register online or use the forum or the member pages, or if you have any problems joining please email Mandy to register your details or for assistance.

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