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Video on latest stem cell research

We are delighted to bring you this excellent video about the groundbreaking research on parathyroid stem cells being carried out at Newcastle University by Sebastian Aspinall and his team. Surgeon Mr Aspinall describes hypopara and Hypopara UK member Gillian Casson talks about her own experience of living with the condition. Dr Annette Meesan and Kamilla Mahkamova explain the scientific process. Click here to watch the video 

21st November 2017


UK  'Quality of life' report out

We are delighted to bring you the results of the 'Living with Chronic Hypoparathyroidism' survey which was conducted by Shire, in collaboration with Hypopara UK, on patients with this rare condition.

The report sets out for the first time the extent of the hypopara patient experience in the UK. Findings describe daily challenges ranging from 'the impact the condition has on patients' ability to lead a normal life - to work, drive and socialise - to the frequency with which their condition causes them to make an unplanned stay in hospital, or a trip to A&E.'

This new report was met with much interest at the recent SfE BES 2017 conference and we hope it will help lead to greater understanding about the challenges that patients face and which so urgently need addressing.

The report is now available in pdf to download here. To order hard copies please click here to send an email.

12th November 2017


SfE BES 2017, Harrogate

6th-8th November 2017


2nd Hypopara Europe Network meeting, Amsterdam

20th -22nd October 2017


BAETS 2017, Belfast

12th-13th October 2017


BMA patient information award

18th September 2017


Visit to OCDEM

21st August 2017


Shire Advisory Board

12th July 2017


World Hypopara Awareness Day 

 1st June 2017


Hypopara UK on CaSR in The Guardian 

Hypopara UK highlights calcium -sensing receptor (CaSR) mutations in the 'Children's Health' supplement by Media Planet UK, which appreared in The Guardian on 26th June 2017. If you missed it you can read Alfie's story and see our CaSR leaflet which was recently launched at the CaSR conference in Florence here.


 26th June 2017




Launch of Hypopara Europe Network 

Hypopara UK was delighted to launch the newly formed Hypopara Europe Network at the ECE in Lisbon in May 2017. It was a momentous occasion. Sharing the Hypopara UK stand, represented by Isabel Wray da Silva, were Mari Hartgen (Spain), Natalie Grosset ( France) and Cristina Galligani (Italy.) 

21st-23rd May 2017



RSC Award to our committee member

Congratulations to Ray Finlay, our very own Science Advisor and committee member,  whose team at Astra Zeneca have won the Royal Society of Chemistry Malcom Campbell Memorial Award for outstanding contribution to chemistry. The drug they've discovered 'Tagrisso' has replaced the use of chemo in certain lung cancer treatment. Well done, Ray, we're so proud of you. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. 

 April 2017


SfE Clinical Update & Endocrine Nurses update, Birmingham 

 20th -22nd March 2017


Rare Disease Day 2017

28th February 2017


SfE Clinical Cases Meeting , London

27th January 2017 

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