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Thyroid Cancer Alliance

The TCA is an international network of national thyroid cancer support organisations and/or thyroid support groups, dedicated to working together towards providing support, information and encouragement to those affected by the disease throughout the world.

Hypopara UK were very proud to become one of the nine member organisations of TCA when it was founded in 2011.

The aims of the TCA are to bring together leaders of national thyroid and/or thyroid cancer support groups so that they can share information and learn from each others’ experiences; to develop programs and projects that promote education and awareness of thyroid cancer to the general public and medical professionals; to work in partnership with, and share good practice with, expert thyroid cancer medical professionals; and to support the development of national thyroid cancer support groups in countries or regions not currently so represented.

You can read more on the TCA website and in the TCA newsletters.

Hypopara UK would like to thank Kate Farnell for her 5 years hard work as the first President of the TCA and to welcome Soledad Rodrigruez Perea, CEO of Actira in Argentina as the incoming President. Congratulations, Sole! Judith Taylor (secretary) of Hypopara UK and Carmen Villar of AECAT, Spain, are on the board.



Member organisations of the TCA are:


Country                         Organisation                                     President                                     

Argentina              Actira                                Soledad Rodríguez Perea (President) 

UK                       Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust    Kate Farnell 

UK                       British Thyroid Foundation          Judith Taylor (Secretary)

UK                       Hypopara UK                            Liz Glenister

UK                       Amend                                    Jo Grey

Wales                  Thyroid Cancer Support Group     Helen Hobrough 

Ireland                 Thyroid Cancer Support Group     Mary McGarry

France                 Vivre Sans Thyroide                   Beate Bartes

Spain                   Aecat                                     Carmen Villar (Director)

Netherlands           SON                                       Ans de Kort &  Marika Porrey 

Peru                     Actiperu                                  Claudia Canchaya

Mexico                                                               Claudia Figueroa

Columbia               Acolcat                                    Mauricio Suarez

USA                     Light of Life Foundation              Joan Shey (Director) 



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