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Professional endocrine societies hold annual meetings and updates around the UK and abroad to present latest research.

We attend relevant conferences when we can in order to:

  • raise awareness about hypoparathyroidism and the work we do to support patients
  • attend and support presentations and clinical management workshops given by our medical advisors, and feedback information
  • liaise with clinicians and others interested in working to bring about new research
  • exhibit our patient information leaflets and take orders from hospitals
  • network with other endocrine patient organisations. 


We like to involve local members in volunteering to help man our stand at these meetings so if you are interested in helping out please let us know. We also try to hold our AGM at the annual BES meeting to encourage participation of members from around the country.

Reports and photos from recent meetings may be found in our newsletters.




SfE BES Harrogate Nov 2017

Back to Harrogate again for Liz & Bill Genister and Mandy Mainland. Sadly Harriet McLeod ended up in hospital instead and we were sorry not to meet her.  The buzz about hypopara and hyperpara was even bigger this year which was very exciting. Finally, word is getting out and the workshop on hypo and hypercalcaemia management by Prof Bill Fraser and Fadil Hannan was absolutley packed out.


BAETS Belfast Oct 2017

We were delighted to be invited to the BAETS annual meeting which held in Belfast. Fiona O'Shea, Aisling Duffy O'Connor and Ray Finlay attended and were present to see Charlotte McIntyre present the results of the 'Quality of Life ' survey in which many of our post surgical  members had participated. 





ECE Lisbon May 2017

Hypopara UK was delighted to launch the newly formed Hypopara Europe Network at the ECE in Lisbon in May 2017. It was a momentous occasion. Sharing the Hypopara UK stand, represented by Isabel Wray da Silva, were Mari Hartgen (Spain), Natalie Grosset ( France) and Cristina Galligani (Italy.)


We translated the ESE patient information leaflet in to all these languages, and the German and Danish Hypopara groups also sent their leaflets along to be exhibited and shared. Isabel also presented her story to a packed auditorium and there was a great deal of interest in hypoparathyroidism. We look forward to our furure collaborations!

See more in our newsletter. 


CASR Florence 2017 

Liz Glenister had been invited to attend this conference but was unable to attend so we sent our new CaSR leaflet to be displayed instead. 









SfE CU/ENU Birmingham 2017

Jane & Steve Compton and Christine Kirk manned the stand in Birmingham this year at the SfE Clinical Update and Clinical Nurses Update meetings on behalf of Hypopara UK on 20-22 March 2017. Jane has written a great account of it, including the part dshe payed in the 'Gisee the Diagnosis' workshop for Endocrine Nurses. See the full report in the newsletter.

SfE NCC London 2017

Jane Compton and Aisling Duffy attended the Society for Endocrinology’s National Clinical Cases Meeting in London, 27 January 2017. Here, trainees present interesting cases which are discussed (and later judged) to help advance understanding.










SfE BES Brighton Nov 2016

BAETS Dublin Oct 2016

SfE CU/ENU Birmingham March 2016

SfE NCC London  Feb 2016





November 2nd - 4th Edinburgh: Society for Endocrinology BES 2015

The first BES to be held in Edinburgh so our Scottish crew, Mandy Mainland, Gillian Adams and Erika Glenday, were out in force. Here are are Erika and Gillian with Christine Kirk our new organiser from Hull. As there was a real focus on hypopara for the first time, this was a very good and busy conference for us.



October 7th-9th Henley: British Association of Endocrine & Thyroid Surgeons annual conference

We were invited for the first time to the endocrine surgeon's annual meeting. There was much interest in our stand, requests for information and news of exciting research. Liz & Bill Genister attended







May 16 -20th Dublin: European Congress of Endocrinology


Here is Blaithin O'Donnell, our Ireland co-ordinator with Ray Finlay, our Science Advisor. This is our first meeting in Ireland where we are opening a new branch. 





And Blaithin again, with Conor McCallion, volunteer, and Dr Winer.








May 7-9th Florence: First International Hypoparathyroidism Conference

World leaders in hypopara met to discuss challenges that health care providers face as well as to recommend a blueprint for future research. A set of guidelines is being developed from this conference. Prof Raj Thakker was a speaker and Prof Bill Fraser attended.

Read the  conference prgramme here and the abstracts here


Liz with Prof Bill Fraser(UK), James Sanders (USA), Helen Dahl Hansen (Norway), Halla Gudrunardottir, Silja Bjorg & Gudrun Ruth Viddarsdottir (Iceland). 


March 16 -18th Birmingham: Clinical Update & Endocrine Nurses






Feb 26th London : National Clinical Cases














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