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Patient Information Leaflets

Hypopara UK produces information leaflets for people living with parathyroid conditions and for endocrine clinics and GP surgeries.

The following leaflets are produced and sent out free of charge, but we would welcome a donation to help cover costs. 



Information and advice on managing your condition.

The first patient information leaflet on Hypoparathyroidism was written and produced by Liz Glenister and Dr Mo Aye with Hypopara UK Clinical Advisory Team working in conjunction with the Society for Endocrinology (SfE). It was launched at the SfE annual conference in Manchester in March 2010. Updates 2014.


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Primary Hyperparathyroidism     NEW!

Information and advice on managing your condition.

Our patient information leaflet on Primary Hyperparathyroidism was written by Judith Taylor and Liz Glenister of Hypopara UK with the Hypopara UK Clinical Advisory Team and endorsed by the Society for Endocrinology Clinical Committee of the Bone and Calcium Network.
October 2016

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This leaflet was made possible thanks to a Patient Support Grant from the Society for Endocrinology 






Treatment of Chronic Hypoparathyroidism
in Adults

This is the patient information leaflet which accompanies the ESE new clinical guidelines on the treatment of chronic hypoparathyroidism in adults.  

These guidelines, published in the European Journal of Endocrinology in August 2015 are the first to address this condition. They are aimed at improving the clinical treatment of patients with hypoparathyroidism as well as addressing the effect of the disorder during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Hypopara UK was honoured to work with the European Society of Endocrinology on the guideline and with other patient support groups to develop this leaflet which provides information on the condition and explains what to expect during clinical diagnosis and management.

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About Hypopara UK

Find out what we do and why, about our medical advisory team and a list of key research.

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Hyperparathyroidism and Osteoporosis

This leaflet has been produced by the National Osteoporosis Society and is available to download or order from their website.

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Other resources will be appearing in due course.

This will include

  • guidance for GPs
  • an emergency card for your wallet
  • a calcium record diary
  • letter templates (eg to MPs) and more…

Meanwhile, visit our forum or facebook group which both offer members a place of contact and support and are bursting with helpful information and experiences. We look forward to meeting you!

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