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Hypopara UK is proud to  be of a growing family of hypopara organisations and to have been involved in setting some of them up as well.

We now have a WORLD HYPOPARA AWARENESS DAY website where you can link to the websites of hypopara organisations around the world. Click here

In 2017 we set up the HYPOPARA EUROPE NETWORK. You can visit it's website here 

Below is a list of all the hypopara organisatons and facebook support groups. Click on the organisation's name to visit their website for further information. This page is growing - please contact us to be added to this page and the World website.


Country           Organisation                                          President


UK                    Hypopara UK                                     Liz Glenister

Republic of
Ireland                                                                     Blaithin O'Donnell


USA                  Hypoparathyroidism Association         James Sanders


Scandinavia        Nordic Hypopara Organisation            Helen Dahl-Hansen  


                        Danish Hypopara Association           Vibeke Ingebrigtsen 


                        Swedish Hypopara Association         Agneta Björnryd  


Germany            Insensu                                         Frauke Sieger


                        Netzwerk Hypopara Germany           Dieter Krogh
                                                                             Claudia Josewski
                                                                             Brigitte Leibig                                                                                                    


France               Hypoparathyroidisme France            Natalie Grosset Holenka



Italy                 Italian Association for Patients
                       with Hypoparathyroidism (APPI)  
       Cristina Galligani



Australia            Hypoparathyroidism Australia            Shelley Turner



Hypopara Facebook Groups and Pages


Hypopara UK was the first hypopara organisation to appear on facebook back in 2008 and we were thrilled when others began to join us, raising awareness and providing much needed support all around the world. Today, Facebook is the most common way for newly diagnosed patients to find a support group and we use Facebook pages and their accompanying support groups both to raise awareness and as the first step in building a new patient organisation.  

Here are all the pages and groups currently operating on facebook but not yet a formal organisation.....watch this space!


Spain                   Hipoparatiroidismo Espagna                      Aranxta Saez Sanchez


Brazil               Associação Brasileira de HipoPARAtireoidismo
                       (ABRAHIP) page


                       HipoPARAtireoidismo Brasil                           Juliana Pera


Chile                  Hipoparatiroidismo-Chile                            Luciana Cabral


Argentina            Hipoparatiroidismo - Argentina                   


New Zealand          Hypoparathyroidism New Zealand            Sallie Hobbs


Kingdom of Bahrain        Hypopara Bahrain                          Hassan Fadhul





HPTH Yahoo Group
An excellent online forum on Hypopara run by former London pharmacist.  Please follow the link and then enter hpth to join.



 Hypopara groups associated with Thyroid Cancer Organisations:


France                Association Vivre Sans Thyroide             Beate Barthes


Germany              Bundesverband Schilddrusenkrebs        Dieter Krogh


Spain                  Aecat                                                  Aranxta Saez Sanchez


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